Ashley Nicole Furstonberg (anf1989) wrote in implanon,
Ashley Nicole Furstonberg

What a NightMare!!!!!

Hey Ladies!
I have to start by saying i'm super jealous of everyone that the Implanon has worked for. I had mine put in back in August and bled heavily for 5 months. I was really moody and cried a lot off and on for the first couple months which I figured was normal. Thank god for a supportive and patient boyfriend. After I didn't stop bleeding for the 5th month, I made an appointment  to have it removed. HOWEVER!!! I quite possibly got the worst Doctor ever! Who told me she wanted me to keep it in for a full 6 months before she felt comfortable taking it out. She recommended to take a total of 800mg of ibiprophen for two weeks to see if it would help with the bleeding.****Please note****!!!(DO NOT DO THIS!!!! not only does it thin your blood it can cause serious damage to your liver overtime!) I left frustrated to say the least. This meant I was lucky to have to bleed on my california vacation with my BF's family. Not ideal! I stuck it out and at the begining of the 6th month I FINALLY stopped bleeding for 3 weeks!! BUT once I started again it hasn't stopped yet. I've come to the conclusion that I either need to buy stock in tampaks or just have it removed. If anyone see my signs as more serious please let me know!
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