caitlinjanet147 (caitlinjanet147) wrote in implanon,

Please help me! :(

Hi guys!
I got the implanon in yesterday and the doctor taped it over with these things that work like stitches, but they practically came off when I showered. So I put two bandaid's on top of them to stick them down.

Its now about 24 hours since I got the implant in and my arm really hurts. It stings when I move it. Is this normal? I had lots of bruising as well.

I don't know whether I should leave the bandaids on all week... Or will it need air?

Is this common for this much pain???

Don't want to go to the doctor for no reason. But i dont really want to think that its just a bit of normal pain but its infected or something like that!

Please anybody help me :(
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