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Bleeding and spotting linked to arousal

Recently I've become pretty sure that I'm bleeding when I'm aroused.  The more aroused - the more blood.  Can't find anything on this on the internet, but we all know girls don't actually GET aroused, so perhaps that's why.  =P  Here's the history:

I had Implanon inserted about April 2011.  I was in a relationship about seven years old, still madly in love.  I bled constantly for about four months.  My boyfriend and I had sex nearly everyday, and I was constantly wanting more.

In August of 2011, he began dating someone else.  This caused problems in our relationship, and also with my sex drive.  I started bleeding intermittently for about six months.  During this time, he left me for the girl he was dating, I was in denial and my sex drive was all over the place.  I wasn't having sex at all.  This is about the time the idea of the bleeding being connected to the arousal first seeded itself.  Of course I dismissed such a crazy idea immediately.

Eventually I realized my relationship was over (let's not get into what an idiot I am please!) and I completely stopped bleeding for about four months.  Then my sex drive started coming back, and I started having sex again, off and on, for about another six months.

Then reality set in again, and the sex drive mostly died for a couple more months.  Again, no bleeding during this time.  Now, I'm having bouts of bleeding and they seem to always correspond to when I pull myself out of misery and start wanting sex again.

If I didn't have the whole relationship issue (and ensuing emotional craziness) I don't think I would have experienced such drastic changes in arousal.  I would have continued thinking that is a crazy connection.  However, because of the situation, it's becoming pretty clear that I bleed when I'm aroused.

Have you had this impossible realization also?
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