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Implanon - Experiences, opinions, questions' Journal
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Saturday, March 29th, 2014
11:48 am
Implant removal
I had my implant out 2 weeks ago and just wanted to share a positive experience!

I was really nervous about getting it out because I'd heard plenty of scare stories, several first hand. However it couldn't have gone smoother. The nurse was obviously really practiced. One quick jab of anesthetic underneath it and within a few minutes it was gone without me feeling anything.

the removal site was fairly sore for a few days and had a nice bruise around it but as long as I didn't bang it it was fine. It's a fairly difficult place to knock, thankfully. The only time it really hurt was when my partner would rest his head on it in bed! Woke me up with a start several times. Ha!

2 weeks later I have one very small mark that will heal up really nicely. It's bang on top of the mark from it going in so it's not even like I'll have multiple battle scars.
Wednesday, September 18th, 2013
7:23 am
My period after implanon
Hello everyone, I just got a LiveJournal account, and I did specifically because I was googling "my period after implanon." I was very excited when I seen there was an online group that was discussing this. I am 21 years old, I had implanon for 3 years, the first 2 were fine. I did not experience any weight gain, but was a little emotional or "testy," according to my friends and family. The last year I had my period for weeks to months at a time, with a few day breaks in-between. I never went to the doctor, because I've had this problem before when I was a teen, so I assumed it was normal. I've been off implanon for about 3 to 3 and a half months now, and everyone says I'm a lot nicer and calm. But the problem is that my periods are very irregular. The first month I received my period on the 7th, the second month i received it on the 12th, this month I have yet to get my period! It's the 18! I'm afraid I could be pregnant?! How soon after implanon can you even get pregnant!? Am I the only one who is having this problem??
Tuesday, May 7th, 2013
8:38 am
So glad I found this group!
Hey all! I'm thrilled to have found this group. I was starting to get ridiculously frustrated with the bleeding, and it's nice to have a more active reminder that I'm not alone. I had the Implanon inserted just over a month ago. As I hadn't been on any sort of hormonal bc prior to that, it was inserted right towards the end of my period that month. Like clockwork, when it was time that my period would've started normally, I started bleeding. Now, everything the doctors said and everything I'd read in the official literature talked about "spotting," so when it started, that's what I was expecting. I went out & bought panty liners to use instead of actual pads, even. It's definitely nothing like the heavy periods I used to get, but it's definitely not "spotting" either. What I don't get, and maybe I'm just not understanding the biology, is where this is COMING from? It's very clear that it is not a menstrual period. It's not all (forgive my crassness) *solid,* y'know? It's obvious that there's no uterine lining being shed... it's "just" blood. It's creepy and it's freaking me out and making me depressed. I had such high hopes for this thing. I can't take anything with estrogen, because I get severe depression symptoms, so I'm pretty much stuck with progestin-only options, and this one sounded like a dream. I don't want to give up only a month in, but yeesh.
Saturday, April 13th, 2013
11:17 pm
Friday, April 5th, 2013
2:46 pm
Please help me! :(
Hi guys!
I got the implanon in yesterday and the doctor taped it over with these things that work like stitches, but they practically came off when I showered. So I put two bandaid's on top of them to stick them down.

Its now about 24 hours since I got the implant in and my arm really hurts. It stings when I move it. Is this normal? I had lots of bruising as well.

I don't know whether I should leave the bandaids on all week... Or will it need air?

Is this common for this much pain???

Don't want to go to the doctor for no reason. But i dont really want to think that its just a bit of normal pain but its infected or something like that!

Please anybody help me :(
Friday, August 3rd, 2012
11:25 am
Implanon removal?
Hello there! I was wondering if anyone has experienced hair loss while on this? Many posts I find online are about the erratic period, which also happens for me, but the most concerning thing for me is the hair loss and headaches. It's to the point where I want it out, but I am also scared of the side effects of the removal as well (not to mention I do not have insurance now).

I've had it in for a year and three months... my side effects include:
Headaches (every other day for the last year)
Hair loss (has really kicked up the last two months)
Mood swings (aren't too bad, but when they do hit, it is almost scary)
Skin changes (Have developed a rosacea type thing this past year with boil type pimples every month or so)
Zero libido (I thought it was a "newly married" thing)

I'm not sure I'm going to have much hair to lose very soon...and it used to be THICK.
I hear removal can make a person very dizzy, sick and depressed though I can't find anybody's updates that are more than a month or two afterward, so I do not know how long that will last, how common it is for others, etc.

So basically, is anyone else suffering during implanon or after removal?
Please share! Thank you :D

Current Mood: worried
Friday, July 20th, 2012
5:25 pm
Constant bleeding? Should I get progestoren?
I've had implanon for approximately three months. I got my period a little late the first month, then a month went by, and I had a 16-day period. Now I've had a week break, and it's starting again.

It's really getting me down...I can't really have sex with my boyfriend, I'm grumpy and sore, and it just sucks. Should I go on the mini pill to regulate my periods, or should I just let it try to settle down on my own? I'm going to see a doctor on Monday, so I'll get an opinion from them, but I'd like to have a couple more opinions before I go in.

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012
11:46 pm
beyond frustrated....
Hey Ladies,
I was reading some of the other posts and saw the common theme of monthly surprise! I am unfortunately suffering the same fate. I have had my implanon in a year I'm 23 and have had some of the following things going on:
1. beyond random periods I'm talking that it could go for days, weeks, one lasted over a month or go months without any sort of incident (those are the best months). 
2. weight roller coaster- I don't know if that is from the bloating and other things because of the randomness above or what?? my eatting habits/workout habits haven't changed but my weight has fluctuated throughout the year... I'm not talking one or two but like 15lbs! When I asked my dr. she said I'm not sure maybe, I mean it could cause that.. grr!
3. ACNE! The worst of them all... I'll eat more salad and I'll always keep an emergency tampon but this acne is BEYOND FRUSTRATING! I have tried antibiotics, topicals, you name it! And its EVERYWHERE face, neck back, chest, stomach, butt, ALL OVER. I have no idea what else to do or if the Implanon is causing this or my skin just decided it wanted to rebel at 23 instead of 16. 

I'm stuck between taking it out because it theory it sounds great and maybe I'm just that random one that gets the worst of all things or if it is in fact the little thing in my arm causing my terrors! 

Please any help or thoughts! 

Sunday, April 22nd, 2012
3:02 am
Oh Boy! Oh Boy!
Hey Ladies!
I been on the Implanon Birth Control for a little over 8 months now! It is pretty much okay, but the down side was that the first three months I was bleeding NON-STOP. I usually never cramp, but those three months I cramped a certain "part of the months". If you know what I mean. After that it has been okay, but recently I have been having my "monthly gift". I have been researching it and researching it and all I got was "If you start your period after you have sex, then you either have a disease or your vagina has been ripped" but I haven't been sexually active and I still randomly start. If you have had this same problem comment and let me know!

Current Mood: confused
Friday, March 30th, 2012
7:13 am
What a NightMare!!!!!
Hey Ladies!
I have to start by saying i'm super jealous of everyone that the Implanon has worked for. I had mine put in back in August and bled heavily for 5 months. I was really moody and cried a lot off and on for the first couple months which I figured was normal. Thank god for a supportive and patient boyfriend. After I didn't stop bleeding for the 5th month, I made an appointment  to have it removed. HOWEVER!!! I quite possibly got the worst Doctor ever! Who told me she wanted me to keep it in for a full 6 months before she felt comfortable taking it out. She recommended to take a total of 800mg of ibiprophen for two weeks to see if it would help with the bleeding.****Please note****!!!(DO NOT DO THIS!!!! not only does it thin your blood it can cause serious damage to your liver overtime!) I left frustrated to say the least. This meant I was lucky to have to bleed on my california vacation with my BF's family. Not ideal! I stuck it out and at the begining of the 6th month I FINALLY stopped bleeding for 3 weeks!! BUT once I started again it hasn't stopped yet. I've come to the conclusion that I either need to buy stock in tampaks or just have it removed. If anyone see my signs as more serious please let me know!
Friday, March 16th, 2012
1:09 pm
3 Months IN -Leg Swelling

Im about three months in on my first implanon and I have to tell you it has not been all that bad. So far the only side effects have been a little bit emotional ( crying at commercials) and acne on my chin area. Well, now I just noticed the my left leg is swollen ( that is the side my implanon is inserted on) I was wondering if anyone else is experiencing this. It has me absolutely concerned, along with the leg swelling my left arm has been feeling sore. Just looking for some feed back if any one else has experienced this side effect ...it may not be related at all. 

Current Mood: tired
Wednesday, February 1st, 2012
11:18 am
no period :S
hey guys, i have had my implanon in since this time last year and other than a few days of spotting during the first few months i have had no sign of my period even coming.... every now and then ill get like a crampish type of lower belly pain, other than that im just cranky, moody, depressed and have a low sex drive.. are these things all normal? especially the no period bit? im a bit worried, coz whats happening to all the stuff on the inside? itd be all gross and yucky wouldnt it? i always thought it had to come out and if it doesnt, somethings not right :S
Friday, December 16th, 2011
3:55 pm
Implanon insertion experience (cross-posted from vaginapagina)
I got Implanon on the 14th. I thought I would post a brief recount of my experience.

The whole procedure took about thirty minutes from the time I stepped into the exam room to the time I walked out the door. I signed two consent forms and then the process pretty much started rolling.

The nurse practitioner and the other nurse who helped her verified that the Implanon was in the needle. Groovy. This is done every time.

My arm was numbed, and this was the "worst" part. Everyone agrees that this is the worst part and the nurse practitioner doing the insertion said that the previous girls really hated the burning sensation and that some cried - but it was pretty much pain-free in my opinion. I would not have even mentioned the VERY slight burning sensation, which lasted about six seconds, if they didn't ask about it. Gardasil felt way worse to me, and even that was completely bearable. My reaction was apparently a rare one, though. They said no one had handled it so well. For the "worst" part, it was easy.

I've had numerous body and facial piercings, and the needle used for Implanon is only a tiny bit larger than any of those needles (around 14g) were - or maybe it was the same, honestly. It might look very scary to those who haven't been pierced. I was curious about this, and she let me touch the numb place before using iodine to sterilize it again. I am very glad that she encouraged my curiosity.

She said "Big stick" and then inserted the needle. I could feel it moving inside of my arm, but it was painless. I felt it moving further in distinctly, watched her as well as I could when she was pushing a button to inject the device, and then felt it slide out. She pushed a piece of gauze to it and had me feel where the Implanon was.

I admit, I wasn't sure that I felt it so I just said that I did. I don't know why I couldn't feel it. Maybe I wasn't really sure what I was looking for or something.

She put a band-aid on it, wrapped my entire bicep in an ace bandage and told me to leave them on for a week and for a day respectively. Afterward she sent me on my way with a wallet card to remind me to get it changed in three years.

I wrote THIS the day of:

I feel a slight tightness when I lift my arm, but otherwise there isn't really any pain. I can definitely feel it now. I'm an over-sharer so I'm telling everyone. I'm also really excited that I had it done. I am not looking forward to the bleeding that apparently happens to many people in the beginning and if I have excessive bleeding, I hope to stick it out for a long time to let the side-effect pass because I will be really disappointed if this doesn't work for me!

I added this:

I never had any bruising and the pain is practically non-existant, only a very gentle soreness when I touch the area.
Friday, October 14th, 2011
11:24 pm
Inability to orgasm?
I don't know if it's just me but since having implanon I've noticed a decrease in my ability to orgasm. It's driving me NUTS! I've been with my husband now for 4 years, and never have I had a problem with this on other birth controls or before birth control altogether. He ALWAYS got me to the finish point every single time. Now I haven't in over 2 months. I tried googling to no avail. Is this a common side effect or even a possible side effect? I don't think it's a lack of vaginal lubrication because I'm wet for the better part of the day and during sex. I'm at my wits end, I love the convenience of this method and the duration but if this means not being able to fully enjoy sex for the next 2 years then I'm going to consider having it removed. Please help!
Monday, September 19th, 2011
1:52 pm
I have had my second implanon for a year now. the first one was removed early because my boyfriend and i were going to hav a baby but then other stuff came up and i have never had my period while having my implanon in. but the last three days i have been getting really bad cramps and today i got like a light period/spotting. I am worried and i have been stuckin bed coz of the back pain.

Does anyone know what it could be?
Sunday, August 28th, 2011
3:17 am
My Implanon Experience
I got the Implanon Implant in October 2008. For the first 2 months, i bled CONSTANTLY. I could count on 1 hand the days i didnt have my period. The doctor who inserted it gave me a course of hormone pills that are actually given to women with Breast Cancer, to stop their bleeding during chemo. I was to take it for 2 months & it was hoped to regulate my bleeding. By the end of the course, my bleeding stopped completely. I didnt have another period til about 6 months ago, where i started to notice some very slight bleeding. About 3 months ago, the bleeding got heavier, but, as a few of you have said, it was the kinda old dirty brown blood. Yesterday, i started to bleed again, only this time its more like a full blown period, including lots of clotting, & im back to the horrendous cramps i used to get every month.

I can only assume this is happening because the implant is coming to the end of its life, & needs replacing.

All in all, i would recommend the Implanon Implant, but it does affect women differently. Ive never really had any other problems with it & im glad i got it.

Just 1 last point. I have a problem with hair growth on my face due to a hormone imbalance, & getting the implanon DOES make this worse, so i would advise thinking carefully about this side affect, & the effects it may have on you.

Current Mood: uncomfortable
Saturday, August 20th, 2011
4:59 pm
Thinking about implanon
I'm currently a nuvaring user, and I'm thinking about switching to implanon because of the more reliable birth control. But I'm just curious about some of your experiences. For example, is there any correlation between how reliable your period was to the spotting you had when on implanon? Because before I started birth control my period was very regular, and now obviously it's super regular being on birth control. The irregular bleeding makes me a little bit nervous, and I'm wondering if my having an extremely regular period before will help against irregular bleeding...

I'm not worried about the insertion, just the bleeding.
Wednesday, July 27th, 2011
12:45 pm
Heavy FLOW!!
I got the implanon 3 weeks ago.  When my time of the month came I was bleeding like i normally do but on my fourth day my period got heavier and now I've been on my period for 15 days :O. Should I go to the doctor or wait till it goes away? Is this normal??

Current Mood: scared
Friday, July 8th, 2011
2:37 am
Hey everyone, I've had my implanon since the beginning of February, and every once and a while it itches like crazy. Is this normal?
Thursday, June 16th, 2011
3:04 pm
Getting the Nexplanon
Hey! New member here...

After 4 failed IUD-insertions (even during general anesthesia), I got my prescription for the new Nexplanon today. I've been bleed free on Cerazette since February and assume/hope this will continue once the implant is inserted. Insertion date is June 27th.

Anyone here using Nexplanon?
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