cuteeptuti (cuteeptuti) wrote in implanon,

beyond frustrated....

Hey Ladies,
I was reading some of the other posts and saw the common theme of monthly surprise! I am unfortunately suffering the same fate. I have had my implanon in a year I'm 23 and have had some of the following things going on:
1. beyond random periods I'm talking that it could go for days, weeks, one lasted over a month or go months without any sort of incident (those are the best months). 
2. weight roller coaster- I don't know if that is from the bloating and other things because of the randomness above or what?? my eatting habits/workout habits haven't changed but my weight has fluctuated throughout the year... I'm not talking one or two but like 15lbs! When I asked my dr. she said I'm not sure maybe, I mean it could cause that.. grr!
3. ACNE! The worst of them all... I'll eat more salad and I'll always keep an emergency tampon but this acne is BEYOND FRUSTRATING! I have tried antibiotics, topicals, you name it! And its EVERYWHERE face, neck back, chest, stomach, butt, ALL OVER. I have no idea what else to do or if the Implanon is causing this or my skin just decided it wanted to rebel at 23 instead of 16. 

I'm stuck between taking it out because it theory it sounds great and maybe I'm just that random one that gets the worst of all things or if it is in fact the little thing in my arm causing my terrors! 

Please any help or thoughts! 

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