I'm just your average Thundercats ho' (misplacedmind) wrote in implanon,
I'm just your average Thundercats ho'

So glad I found this group!

Hey all! I'm thrilled to have found this group. I was starting to get ridiculously frustrated with the bleeding, and it's nice to have a more active reminder that I'm not alone. I had the Implanon inserted just over a month ago. As I hadn't been on any sort of hormonal bc prior to that, it was inserted right towards the end of my period that month. Like clockwork, when it was time that my period would've started normally, I started bleeding. Now, everything the doctors said and everything I'd read in the official literature talked about "spotting," so when it started, that's what I was expecting. I went out & bought panty liners to use instead of actual pads, even. It's definitely nothing like the heavy periods I used to get, but it's definitely not "spotting" either. What I don't get, and maybe I'm just not understanding the biology, is where this is COMING from? It's very clear that it is not a menstrual period. It's not all (forgive my crassness) *solid,* y'know? It's obvious that there's no uterine lining being shed... it's "just" blood. It's creepy and it's freaking me out and making me depressed. I had such high hopes for this thing. I can't take anything with estrogen, because I get severe depression symptoms, so I'm pretty much stuck with progestin-only options, and this one sounded like a dream. I don't want to give up only a month in, but yeesh.
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