abserdman (abserdman) wrote in implanon,

Implant removal

I had my implant out 2 weeks ago and just wanted to share a positive experience!

I was really nervous about getting it out because I'd heard plenty of scare stories, several first hand. However it couldn't have gone smoother. The nurse was obviously really practiced. One quick jab of anesthetic underneath it and within a few minutes it was gone without me feeling anything.

the removal site was fairly sore for a few days and had a nice bruise around it but as long as I didn't bang it it was fine. It's a fairly difficult place to knock, thankfully. The only time it really hurt was when my partner would rest his head on it in bed! Woke me up with a start several times. Ha!

2 weeks later I have one very small mark that will heal up really nicely. It's bang on top of the mark from it going in so it's not even like I'll have multiple battle scars.
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