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1st time...and very itchy..

Hi all, I am a first time user of Implanon and this site. I came across it while googling away looking for info on Implanon side effects.
I am only on day 3 of my Implanon and am a bit concerned as yesterday the itching started driving me nuts!:-(   I had noticed a couple of "bumps" at the opposite end of the insertion site and thought that perhaps the sticky glue on the dressing wasn't agreeing with my somewhat sensitive skin. (I'm a typical redhead...lol) So I removed the doctors dressing and substituted it for a "normal" bandaid hoping that it would sort itself out. Well today the rash is still all bumpy and still driving me crazy!!! 
I am hoping that by writing here someone else may have had a similar experience and may be able to put my mind at ease or give me some advice. I am praying that this is just a reaction from the sticky on the dressing and not a reaction/rejection from the rod itself!!! For the last 15 yrs I have had extremely heavy painful periods and was hoping that Implanon may be the answer to all my problems. Ideally I want the whole fairytale.. you know.. no periods.. no pain. But would be happy just having a lighter flow. I tend to do 9-10 hour shifts at work and am just plain unable to get to the toilet every 2 hours to change tampons etc. If having time off work was an option I would quite happily look into a hysterectomy...but its not. I have two kids..Bonnie, 12 and Dougie,11. So I am definately not interested in starting again. I am just beginning to enjoy life again..lol. 
Today is Sunday otherwise I would have gone and seen my GP. I will take this one day at a time and if the rash persists or gets worse I will go and see the doc by Wednesday I think? Anyhow.. I will keep you all posted and look forward to reading any replies. If it doesn't go away I will post a pic next time just in case it applies to any future readers. 
Take care....

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